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The touristic routes


1. Red route – the length of the route 69,7 km
  Sejny – Smolany – Pu雟k – Zaboryszki – Lornetka – Becej造 – Rutka Tartak – Poplin – Okliny

On the trail we pass the Szeszupe river, in the Becej造 locality is the “Szelment Ma造” lake. Near the Weso這wo locality is Boksze lake and reserve Bobruczek (a nature reserve, the oldest beaver mainstay in Suwalszczyzna). On the route we passing by Szejpiszki and Sejwy lakes.

2. Blue route – the length of the route 34,9 km
Uroczysko W璕za - Miko豉jewo - Ma熥owa Ruda - Wysoki Most - Buda Ruska - Jeziorki - Karolin - Wier郾ie - Giby - Pomorze - Sejny

The route leads from the sacred spot W璕za which is situated on the Wigry National Park terrain and leads to Sejny. The route cuts the Czarna Ha鎍za river. Through the route we pass many attractive lakes such as Pomorze lake – one of the biggest reservoir on the sejne雟ka land. It is worth to see the monuments in the passing localities.

3. Pu雟k - Zaboryszki - Fornetka - Becej造 - Wo這wnia (24 km)

4. Pu雟k - Smolany - Klejwy - Sejny (26,2 km)


1. Blach route – the length of the route 9,4 km
From the red roun in Sztabinki - Krasnogruda - Dusznica - Ogrodniki

On the rout are two lakes: Sztabinki and Ho軟y. It is worth to spend some time in Ho軟y Majera and Krasnogruda locality, where are ruins of the old manors. The route leads to the cross border with Lithuania in Ogrodniki.

2. Blach route – the length of the route 12 km
Aleksiej闚ka - Kukle - Zelwa

The route leads around the Pomorze lake, itr starts in the Aleksiej闚ka. We pass the Pomorze reserve which save the forest stands of Puszcza Augustowska (Forest) and ruins of the old castle. Not far from Zelwa locality there are two other reserves: κmpis and Kukle. The locality Zelwa is very attractive situated near the lake with the same name


1. Giby, Wier郾ie lake - Wier郾ianka river - Fr帷ki water stop - Czarna Ha鎍za (Black Ha鎍za)- to August闚 – about 51 km

2. Sejny, Marycha river - Buchta lake - Pomorze lake - Zelwa lake - Wi趾okuk lake, Wi趾okuk - 16 km.

3. Wysoki Most, Czarna Ha鎍za (Black Ha鎍za) – The Augustowski Canal - Mikasz闚ek lake - Kruglak lake - Krzywe lake – Paniewo lake – Orle lake – Gorczyckie lake – The Czarnobrodzki Canal - The Augustowski Canal - Studzieniczne lake, August闚 - about 50 km.

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