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Other visiting places


There is a monument in memory of reconstitution of Lithuania indepedence. “Freedom Oakwood” grows around it. One oak was grown to commemorate John Paul II.



            The monument of illegal books distributor P. Matulevičius (when Lithuanian printing was banned 1864-1904).


Punsk, near the church

The monument for the partisans who were fighting against Soviet for Lithuania freedom.


Puńsk, Mickiewicza St.

The monument commemorating Puńsk parish 400th year.


Puńsk by Punia lake

A monument by the old Catholics’ Cementary.


Puńsk, 11 Marca St.

The new Lithuanian Culture Centre.



The Catholics’ new cementary (Norkusa St.), The Catholics’ old cementary (11 Marca St.).


Punsk village

The Jewish cementary.



The old wooden train station in Russian style which was built 1896 – 1898. It is similar to Uľnemunės trailway.



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