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Regional cuisine

 Puńsk region is famous for its Lithuanian dishes. Lithuanian pyramidal cake called „¹akotis”, „skilandis” (the kind of sausage made of smoked coarsely chopped pork meat), bread, cheese and honey are the most popular dishes for tourist. The restaurant „Sodas” , „U¾eiga” in Puńsk and „Karčiama” in Sejny Lithuanian Centre and agrotourism farms offer delicious Lithuanian cusinie. You can also taste these Lithuanian dishes during the Assumption feast (Zielna).

The tastiest dishes are these:

  •  „čenakai” - stew cabbage with milled meat, grated carrot, topped with cream
  • „blynai” - grated potatoes with meat filling roasted in frying-pan
  •  dumplings · „vėdarai” – kind of sausage made of grated potatoes stuffed into entrails and baked in the oven 
  • „kibinai” and red beet soup 
  • „koldūnai” – dish of meat in paste · beetroot cold soup 
  • „skilandis” – the kind of sausage made of smiked coarsely chopped pork meat
  • smoked ham 
  • flank
  • rural sausage (it can be purchased in „De¹ra” in Puńsk)

Different kinds of cake:

  • „skruzdėlynas” – „anthill” 
  • „¹akotis” – pyramidal cake
  • cake called „Napoleon” · „¹imtalapis” 
  • „kaminas” – „chimney”

If you want to make sure of flavour of the Lithuanian cuisine, come and try it :)

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