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Cultural events

Puņsk – countryside’s inhabitant like dances and songs therefore a lot of Lithuanian folk bands, barn theatre groups were established. Not only children and youth but also adults usually whole families take part in performances. Dances and songs are handed from generation to generation. In repertoire there are Lithuanian folk dances, songs, poems, musi. The participants usually wear Lithuanian national clothes. The musicians play the old instruments.
Puņsk ensembles:
  • Choreographic ensemble “JOTVA”, it works since 1951, the leader – K. Janušanienė

  • Folk band “KLUMPĖ” works since 1956, the leader – J. Zakaravičius

  •  Choir “DZŪKIJA” works since 1957, the leader – V. Simanauskas

  •  Barn thetre group, works since 1958, the leader – T. Paransevičienė ·

  • Dance group “VYČIAI”, works since 2001, the leader – A. Pečiulienė

  • Children artistic group “PUNIUKAI”, works since 2003, the leaders – A. Pečiulienė, J. Zakaravičius

  • Punskas secondary school students’ dance group „ŠALČIA” works since 2000, the leader - A. Pečiulienė

  •  Folk band “Gimtinė”, works since 1989, the leader – K. Sidaris
  • Folk band “ALNA”, works since 1996, the leader – V. Batvinskas
  • Band „ŠEŠUPĖ” works since 1992, the leader – D. Zimnickas
There are also a lot of other ensembles, folk bands, various societies. Every group has an opportunity to perform in a rally in Burbiszki, in Barn Theatre Festival, in the fest of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and in other meetings.
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