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It is worth to see...

   Folk artists activity came to life in Puńsk region when Lithuanian Ethnic Culture Association in Poland had been established. Thanks to its chairwoman A. Vicekauskienė, we can see the works of weavers, Easter eggs’ painters, knitters, fretworkers and smithers. Most part of the exhibits are in the gallery –exhibition in old vicarage. You cannot only see the exhibits but also buy: original textles, woven sashes, towels, palms, Easter eggs, flax textiles, tablecloths; ceramic works, earthenware, etc.
    A lot of folk artists you can meet during the Assumption festival 15 August („Zielna”). You can observe the process of creating their works.
    In Oszkinie village on the initiative of Peter Lukoševičius there is built a settlement of the Yatvingiansand and the old Prussians. We can also see the defensive tower and a few pagan altars where he holy fire was lit by the Balts.
    There is also a castle with four towers, which are surrounded by a moat and fortified walls. Besides, in inaccessible place there is built a Prussian house and close to it formed a mound with Yatvingian farmstead. It is planned that in the future the place will be visited by tourists who will be able to stay here for some time in seclusion from noise, see the museum or exhibitions which will be organized here, or just enjoy the beauty of nature. The place will be available for visitors all year around.

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