Welcome in Puńsk


Puńsk commune is situated in north-eastern part of the Podlasie province and belongs to the Sejny county. It was erected on 1 January 1973. The neighbouring communes are: Szypliszki, Krasnopol and Sejny. The north-eastern part of Puńsk Commune neighbors with the border of Lithuania. The commune is 138,4 km² in area. It encompasses 33 villages. It has a population of 4611 and 80% of the people are Lithuanians. In Punsk there are around 1120 inhabitants.

The most of the territory of the commune is hilly with forests in some parts. The biggest is Krejwiany forest, called by the local people “Giluiągiris”. There are a few lakes in this area. The biggest ones are Sejwy and Boksze, the smaller ones – Trumpalaitis, Kampuotis, Juodelis and Punia. There is the Marycha river that flows through the commune territory (its northern part is called by the local people “©alcia” and “Juodoji”).

In the Puńsk commune agriculture is well developed and is the main source of living of local inhabitants. People mainly keep pigs, cows and bulls. The farms are modernized and adapted to EU standards: pigsties and cowcheds are renovated and enlarged, more attention is paid to tidiness of a farm and its surroundings as well as protection of nature.

The infrastructure of Puńsk commune is well developed. 20% of roads are asphalted, around 30-50 km of country roads are repaired every year. Each farm has got water supply and telephone. There is a sewage treatment plant in Puńsk.

The commune office is in Puńsk where are public services, educational and cultural institutions.

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